The website associated with this page is gone. I left this legacy page for the benefit of anyone who still downloads my Flash toys. Glad you like them.


Musical things

Here are a couple of music applications we created using Macromedia Flash. They are stand-alone applications, which means you don't need the Flash plug-in or a web browser to use them. Best of all - we're giving them away free!

ChordFinder (approx 250kB)
Choose a note on the virtual piano keyboard, pick a chord type from the menu and ChordFinder shows you where to put your fingers. New version for OS X (OK, it's actually the old version ported to OS X). 2MB .dmg file download. Tested on G4 & Intel Macs.

(approx 320kB)
A virtual piano which can be played with the mouse or the computer keyboard. A musical stave shows you the notes you are playing. (Well, actually, it shows notes an octave above what you're playing.... it's not a bug, it's a feature - honest! I'll get around to changing it one of these days.)

Mac users will require StuffIt expander to open the .sit file after download.
Windows users will require WinZip to open the .zip file.



These are some essential tools to enhance your browsing experience, and for playback of audio or streaming media.

Acrobat Logo
Adobe Acrobat reader

iTunes iconiTunes
Play CD, AIF, WAV, MP3, AAC, and WMA files. Download music legally from the Apple iTunes Music Store and then burn to CD. Make your own playlists and load them onto your iPod. Mac and Windows. (Requires Quicktime)

Quicktime iconApple Quicktime
Mac or Windows. Plays MPEG audio (including MP3) and video, 3D and more. A big download, but worth having.

Flash Logo
Flash Player